Vshare for iOS Download – How to Download and Install Vshare on iPhone

Apple is such a great system, which is the great follower of maintaining proper internet world. You can check any Apple products such as iOS, Mac, iPad, you can get the quality applications which are secured. Apple regular keeps an eye upon applications in their iOS store. Apple allows only highly qualified applications, which in turn out to some high investment to publish your app. As a result, one cannot publish apps in iOS store freely, so there will be very less free apps. Although there are some software’s such as Vshare, Tweak Box and more which works on the loop holes of the Apple system and publishes all the applications of the iOS store freely. I suggest you to use Vshare and also it will be very easy for Vshare download to your iOS device. 

Quick Words: 

Vshare is an iOS application, which publish all the paid and also free apps of iOS store for free in their website. In one-word vshare is another iOS store, where you can get all iOS apps for free. You can freeely download Vshare and install on your device. It works on all devices which works on iOS store such as iPad/iPhone. 

How to Download and Install Vshare:

Vshare Download

You may also get all the paid apps of iOS in your iOS/iPad for free by jail-breaking your device, which is not recommended at all. You can also try all iOS apps on your Windows PC such as Garageband on PCdownloading Facetime on PC and many more by just  installing iOS best emulators for Windows. Also your device will not get any official updates. On the other hand, if you do not jail-breaking properly then your device may ran into problem so that it may cost you more than buying the apps. So instead of taking risk by jail-breaking your device, try Vshare and download it for free. You can get most of the paid apps as well as free apps of iOS store for free in Vshare. Let’ s see the process of Vshare download and also issues regarding Vshare download. 

Step by Step Guide of Vshare download:

Vshare Download

  • Go to the following link of Vshare website from browser.

Vshare Download

  • Upon opening website, you can see a download option as “Download Unjailbroken”. Click on it.

Vshare Download

  • Now you will asked confirmation to install Vshare to your device. Click on “Install“.

Vshare Download

  • You can see Vshare icon your home screen of your device, after successful Vshare download and installation.

Vshare Download

That’s it, you are done with Vshare download and also installing Vshare on your device.

You can also try Vshare download with the help of Vshare helper. Vshare helper is a Desktop application, by which you can install Vshare on to your iOS device by connecting the device to the PC.

If you have installed vshare without any error then it will be fine, you can enjoy the free apps on your iOS device. Otherwise you have to continue with below process of how to Activate Vshare after downloading.

How to Activate app after Vshare Download:

After successful downloading of Vshare application on to your iOS device. Follow the below steps to activate Vshare without any errors.

Now open your Vshare app, if you are receiving some error as “Untrusted Enterprise developer”. Then follow the below steps to correct the error.

Vshare Download

  •  Open Settings from your iOS device.

Vshare Download

  • Click on “General” option from left side bar and then select “Profile” option.

Vshare Download

  • On your next pop up window, Click on the profile of Vshare app as shown below.

Vshare Download

  • Now you will be asked to accept their software, Please click on “Trust” to continue. Now the system accepts Vshare as trusted software and will remove the above issue.

Vshare Download

  • Once if you open Vshare app again, you will be able to access all the iOS apps for free.

That’s it you are done with the step by step guide of Vshare download and also issues you may face with Vshare download.  If you still face any issues, you can check our FAQs section. However, you can also try some other applications such as Vshare, by which you can access iOS apps for free too 

Best Alternatives for Vshare app:


AppCake is also one of the best application to run Cydia/Cracked apps on your iOS device. AppCake can be considered as the best iOS app crack installer as you can install FB/TW tweaks cydia apps and also allows torrentz downloads for large apps. It works both on Jailbreak/ Non-jailbreak devices. You just have to add AppCake as source URL on to your iOS device to start using AppCake funcionalities. 


TutuApp is popular app installer on both Android and iOS stores. It can be installed on both Jailbroken and non-Jailbroken iOS devices too. You can freely download app your device and also it comes with VIP installer, which can install TutuApp on your device without any issues. Check he below features of TutuApp below. 

  • You do not need Apple Id to login and download apps on to your device. You can also Jailbreak your device easily with simple steps. 
  • After installing TutuApp, you can install any paid app for free.  
  • You can really enjoy high download speed with TutuApp. 


HipStore can be really considered as an alternative to Vshare app. It can be an another iOS store, where you can freely download most of the paid/free apps. You do not need to jailbreak your device and do no need to connect through iTunes. You can even download apps, which iTunes do not allow normally. It is compatible with all iOS devices even supports latest iOS 10 version.  


iFunbox is one of the best alternatives for Vshare app. It works in both ways as Game center as well as application store. It brings all the genuine efficient apps on to the list. You can also install .IPA packages from in-house distribution. You can install them under Apple development program. Check the other popular features of iFunbox here. 

  • It works as USB Tunnelling feature, where it easily establishes communication between PC and iOS device.  
  •  In iFunbox toolbox section, you can download any file format. 
  • You can manage all you multimedia files such as photos, videos, memos, tones on a quick menu. 
  • It makes your device an alternative to jailbreak iOS device. 

FAQs Regarding Vshare download:

Do we need to Jailbreak to download Vshare? 

No need to Jailbreak your iOS device. Vshare comes as an alternative to Jailbreak options and it acts as an alternative to free iOS store. 

Can we freely download all iOS apps through Vshare? 

Yes, you can freely download almost all iOS apps through Vshare. You just have to download and Install Vshare app on your device and then you can search for apps through Vshare. 

How to Re-install if download Vshare app fails? 

You can check at Settings-> Re-authorization . If It still fails, try to uninstall old app and install again. 

Do we need Apple Id to install apps from Vshare? 

No, you do not need to enter Apple Id to download any app through Vshare. If it asks try to uninstall the app and then install again. 

Hope you found the post useful. Please feel free to comment below, in case of any issues while you download Vshare. Start Exploring all the iOS apps for free 🙂 

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