How To Send Whatsapp Messages Without Saving the Contact

Whatsapp is a popular chat application and which has got many hearts and now there are almost 2 billion active Whatsapp users.There are many messaging applications before Whatsapp come into market, but nothing has become this popular. Although People habituated to chat by Facebook itself. But soon after Zuckerberg brought Whatsapp messenger, People started using Whatsapp to communicate with others. Now a days Whatsapp has became a part in People’s daily life. It is one must have app for mobile users. Recently Whatsapp launched many updates such as Whatsapp status video, New Text Feature. Comparison to previous version of Whatsapp there are mnay changes.

In order to send a Whatsapp message to others, you have to add their contact. But there are some apps which can bypass this and can allow you to send Whatsapp Messages without saving the contact.

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Let’s see how to send Whatsapp Messages without saving the contact.

How To Send Whatsapp Messages Without Saving the Contact:

As I already said this help could be done only by some other third party apps, which bypass the requirement to add the contact. This app is currently available only in Android but not in iOS. This is freely available in Android(You can also download all iOS apps for free through Vshare). Let’s see how to do it.

  • Download Click2Chat Whatsapp Android app here and Install it.
  • After successful installation, Open the app from your Mobile device.
  • Now input the number and message, that you wish to send.



  • Now Click on “Send Now” or “Send Later”(if you wish to schedule the message to send later).

  • Upon click send now, you can see the app will be redirected to Whatsapp and sending a message to them.

  • Now you can continue the chat with the person, as a normal Whatsapp chat.

Now make fun by adding your own number and chatting yourself 🙂

Hope you found the post useful. Please feel free to comment below, in case of any concerns.

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