Nox App Player for PC – Download Nox App Player on Windows 7 8 10

Nox App Player has been recently launched in August 2016, which is considered to be one of the latest trending Android emulator especially for Gamers. Although Bluestacks for PC has been a very popular Android emulator, there are some flaws in it as you may not be able to play all the games so that you may not experience the most fabulous part of Android Play store. Nox App Player for PC has its origin mainly over Games. Unlike other popular Android emulators, You can really have an amazing gaming experience. In addition to that, you can also use other various apps of Play Store on Nox App Player.

As Bluestacks was not much into Gaming experience, many users of it really faced hard situations and worried about playing their favorite Android Games over PC. Keeping these things on mind, Nox App player has been made such that all those gestures, touch and also shaking features has been interpreted as in Android Mobile so that users can no longer feel boredsome. You can also run all android apps on your pc with the help of this nox app player on pc Guide. You can also check how to run iOS apps such as Garageband on PC and also Facetime on your PC  on windows 7 8 10 versions using any of these iOS emulators .

Download Nox App Player on Windows 7 8 10 PC / Laptop :

Before Getting directly to Download Section and in order to have smooth installation process check here the below Minimum requirements to download Nox App Player for PC.

Minimum Requirements for PC:

Operating System Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10
Processor Recommended for Dual Core/AMD
RAM Suggested 1.5 GB or More.
Storage 1.5 GB Hard Drive Space
Graphic Card 1 GB GC is recommended

Also check the best features of Nox App Player before downloading Nox App Player on your PC.

Best Features of Nox Player:

  • It is completely free to use and uses Virtual Device of Android 4.4.2 or more.
  • It will be very fast and smooth that will provide amazing gaming experience. It is very stable and fast.
  • Compatible with all old and new apps/ Games. It’s just with you to select your favorite games to just experience fabulous gaming experience on PC itself.
  • Nox App Player can also comes with some key controls of Games such as Gestures, Multi-instance, Gamepad controller and also shaking feature.
  • Nox App Player is compatible with all latest versions of Windows from Windows XP and also over MAC devices.

How to Download Nox App Player for PC :

You can easily download Nox App Player for you Windows PC. Downloading and Installation process of Nox App Player can be done in two ways.

Nox App Player for PC

  • You can download and Install set up file online, so here Installation will be done online.
  • You can download setup file once and can Install through offline method. Basically this method will be useful, if you want to Download on one PC and Install on another PC.

I suggest you to download Offline Installer, as this method is preferable as per Dev Team.

Download Nox App Player here to Install through Offline method.

Once the setup is downloaded to your PC, follow the below process to Install successfully on your PC or your target PC.

Installing Nox App Player for PC on Windows OS :

  • Once the Setup is downloaded on to your PC, double click on .exe file to run the file.
  • You can see a pop up as below, Check terms and then click Install to start the installation process.

Nox App Player for PC

  • Installation process will be started. Once it is done, Click start to open Nox App Player on your Windows PC.

Nox App Player for PC

  • Once it is opened, you can watch tutorial or skip to watch later.
  • That’s it. Now you can download your favorite Games/ Apps to experience your Android on to big screen.

Nox App Player for PC

Although Nox App Player for PC is one of the best Android emulator at present. However you can always best to give a try and compare themselves.

4 Best Alternatives for NOX App Player for PC:


download Bluestacks for PC

Bluestacks is one of the popular Android Emulator at present. Bluestacks comes up with best UI Interface with user friendly. You can run all the apps of Play store on Bluestacks with very fast and smooth operation. It comes with Multi-tasking, Multi-touch, shaking and many more features. Check here how to download Bluestacks for Windows PC.

Features of Bluestacks:

  • You can easily Install both Games/Non-Games apps on Bluestacks
  • Bluestacks supports HTML/Flash player and also with Multi-tasking.
  • You can also stream on to Twitch from Bluestacks application itself.
  • You can perform many tasks like Playing, listening, watching videos from apps on Bluestacks on PC itself.

2.Andy Android Emulator:

Nox App Player for PC

It is also one of the best alternative for Nox App Player. It is mainly focused on Gaming field so that is should definitely replace Nox App Player. It also provides option to even integrate your Mobile phone to your PC so that now you can also use your Mobile as joy stick and enjoy the game show on your PC. Even if you are worried about storage on your Mobile then here you can also download thousands of games until your PC memory gets exhausted.

Features of Andy Android Emulator:

  • You can Play games on your PC using your Mobile as Joystick as this application connects your Mobile remotely  to PC.
  • Andy Emulator is free to download and use all the features of it.
  • You can also stream media from your Mobile to PC easily as you can connect remotely.
  • You need not worry about storage issues on your Mobile, as the games will be downloaded to local folder of your PC.

3.Android X86:

Nox App Player for PC

Android X86 is a open source project that can import Android version on to your Windows PC. The team has started this project initially to support low end PC’s to run latest Android versions such as Android Marshmallow and also Noughat version on PC’s of 32 bit processor. Android X86 looks like a genuine Android OS and we can say it’s a complete replica of your Mobile so that you feel like using your Android mobile on a big screen.  As it is open source project, there is much scope to enhance in its features and functionalities. Check out few great features of Android X86.

Features of Android X86:

  • It supports various external devices such as Keyboard, external storage support, Mouse, Joy sticks and many more.
  • It supports Kernel 4.9 and KMS enable.
  • It also supports certain wireless features as Bluetooth and also G-sensor.
  • It has been tested on many branded PCs such as ASUS, Dell, Samsung, Lenovo and now even it works on 64 bit also.
  • They are also working on some other functionalities such as Miracast, Multidisplays and also to move to Android 8.1 version.

4.Remix OS:

Nox App Player for PC

Remix OS differs to other Android emulators in terms of both functionality and features. The thought of architecture of this OS is to combine best features of Android OS and Windows OS so that you can experience both Operating systems in one system. Check out few features of Remix OS below.

Features of Remix OS:

  • It comes built in with Microsoft Office so that you can be able to create Word docs, Spreadsheets..
  • It supports all advanced features of Android such as Multi-tasking, Multi-touch and also you will be accessible to Play store.
  • On the other hand, the UI will be much of Windows so that you can access Start Menu, Taskbar, Mouse, Keyboard features.
  • Linux based file manager and also It can receive OTA updates.

FAQs regarding Nox App Player for PC:

Which is best way to download Nox App Player on my PC?

It is always preferrable to download Nox App Player on your Windows PC in offline method, as they provide complete package and you need not worry about your Internet connection.

What is the main difference of both the ways of Installation ?

In Online method, system downloads the latest available version of Nox App Player for Windows. But, in offline method, you can only install version you preferred to download.

What are the best alternatives to Nox App Player for Windows PC?

Though Nox App Player is one of the best Android emulator, if you wish to check other alternatives. You can give a try to Bluestacks, Remix OS, Android X86, Andy Android Emulator.

What is the best feature of Nox App Player compared to Bluestacks?

Nox App Player comes with best UI Interface and gestures, which can make your Gaming experience to another level when compared to Bluestacks.

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