Acapella app – Everything One Must Know

It is a combination of music and video maker app. If you hide a singer inside you, then it’s time to let him to make a viral video in the Acapella app by some crazy and innovative thoughts. Basically in this app, you do create a stack of videos along with  songs, that might be the song sung by you or copy of any others, finally you upload all these videos and music to the application in a customize way.

Let me explain in a clear way. As you might have seen collaging different photos and making all those into one photo. In the similar way, you do collage all the videos in this app. So all that will be played at once, which creates an amazing video.

Acapella has become popular for this video collaging feature. It was developed by Mixcord, which were also the developers of PicPlayPost, it is also most popular app in Android for video music collage feature. Now almost there were 7 million active users for this Acapella app. Mixcord said in one public meeting, they already raised 1M dollars.

Acapella app is available both Android and iOS. There are also some other apps available on Android from the makers of Acapella app.

How to Create a video in Acapella app:

Before this thing, you must be ready with different videos with variety of expressions filled with lots of songs. On doing this, follow the below process to share your creations into the Acapella app.

  •  Choose a beautiful layout of your wish from the set of layouts available.

acapella app layouts

  • Now upload all the set of videos created into the boxes provided in the layout, as you do similar to Photo collage applications.

acapella app videos

  • Now you can publish and share with your friends.

See then how much response you do get for your video on Twitter and Youtube.:):)

Some Interesting facts about Acapella app :

  • It is not the first application which is working with collaging of videos, but it is the first application that got succeeded with in a short time span.
  • You can make about 9 frames of videos and also you can set time frame for the song. This makes this feature unique compared to other applications.

Let’s see some popular videos created by Acapella app users , which were trending in Youtube and Twitter, as you can broadcast app videos to Youtube.

How to Download Acapella App

Acapella is available for both Android and iOS devices, So you can download the application directly from the Google Playstore and iTunes for Android and iOS devices respectively.

You can get the Acapella from here for Android and from here for iOS device.


Few Videos created with Acapella App

and one more

These videos were found on Youtube. If you want to broadcast on youtube then check this Youtube Broadcast yourself  and publish the videos made with Acapella.

  • You can creative videos by collaging different videos and adding music to it.
  • You can mix all the  different instruments harmonies into a single video, creates a crazy video.
  • Be innovative and creative, to get more popular on Acapella app.

Here are some popular questions asked on Acapella app.

Faq Regarding usage of Acapella app:

Can I make videos over the Aacapella website?

No, it is available only on Android and iOS. You cannot make it their website.

is it similar to Musically app ?

No. In Musically you can create videos with music and also can download others videos. But here in Acapella app you can create mix variety of expressions into a single video, which is the essence for this app.

Hope you enjoyed the post regarding Acapella app. Share with your friends, so that they can also enjoy by creating their videos. If you face any concern, feel free to contact me


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