Download vRoot app for Android & PC {Updated 2018}

If you really thinking to boost your Android device performance and battery life then you might have to root your device. But you can root your device without technical knowledge as it may lead corrupt your Android device, if you do not follow pre-requisites properly. However, you need not follow all those learn all those steps, as there are applications which can do that in just single click. 

Out of all the applications available, vRoot is the best app to root your device with simple steps. Once you are done with rooting your Android device, you can perform many modifications such as uninstall unused apps, increase RAM, increase Battery life and many more that you can check below. By the end of the post, you can perform root for you Android device by downloading vRoot app. 

If you are still confused whether to root your device or not then check the things that you can perform after rooting your device. 

Note: Once rooting is done, your device will not be eligible for Warranty, if your mobile have any. 

What is Rooting and advantages of Rooting? 

In order to perform certain functionalities or install certain apps which needs to modify device hardware specifications, they need root access. But, without rooting, your device will not let the app to perform its functions. So, if you root your device, you can really modify the device settings and do experimental settings that you really wish such as increasing RAM size, uninstall certain default apps, deleting memory and many things. Check here the list of actions that you can perform after rooting your Android device. 

  • Increase RAM size. 
  • You can install Dolby Atmos. 
  • Modify to custom ROM. 
  • Increase battery life. 
  • Block ads on any website. 
  • Restrict data usage and also background apps. 
  • Run multiple apps on single device. 
  • You can customize your Android gesture controls. 
  • Boost up Android device performance. 

So why don’t you quickly download vRoot app on your device and start your experiments on your device. Please make sure to backup your data as there is possibility of losing data during the root process. So, follow the below steps to download vRoot app on your Android mobile and also how to perform root using vRoot. 

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How to Download vRoot app on your Android/PC:

Download vRoot app for Android & PC

Before starting downloading process of vRoot, you can check small brief description of vRoot and how it works. 

VRootvRoot is android/ Windows application, which can root your Android device with just simple process. You do not need any technical knowledge do perform root using vRoot app, as you just have to follow simple on screen instructions. VRoot process starts with backing up your data on secure server to avoid any possibility of losing data. However, it is always preferable to backup your data to another external storage space. 

Check below requirements for safe rooting: 

Requirements for Rooting process:

  • Battery should be atleast 50% charged. 
  • Make sure you should have no interruption of internet connection during the root process. 
  • VRoot only works on Windows OS and also make sure to have a USB cable, if you are trying to root using PC method. 
  • Download USB drivers on your PC, if you do not have already. 
  • De-Activate any security patterns or passcodes for full automation of the process. 

You can perform root on your Android device by vRoot in two ways I.e.  

  1. You can download vRoot apk directly on to your Android mobile and start root process through the app itself.  
  1. You can install vRoot Windows tool and root your Android device using USB debugging. 

Follow the below steps to root your Android device. In this post, you can check both the processes and perform whichever is better for you. 

Download vRoot apk on Android device:

  • Download vRoot APK using below link.

Download vRoot.APK 

  • Before instaling make sure you check ” allow unknown sources to install” checkbox in privacy settings. 

unknown sources click

  • Now double click on vRoot apk to start installation process. Once it is installed, open vRoot application from your Android device. 
  • Open vRoot app and click on “Root Device” to start the rooting process. Please make sure of the above requirements for safe rooting of your mobile. Your device may restart couple of time during the rooting process. Do not intervene during the process as it may corrupt the Operating system.  

Download vRoot app for Android & PC

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Download vRoot app without PC:

  • Download vRoot tool for Windows using the below link. Open the tool, after it get installed on your PC. 

Download vRoot app for PC

  • Now connect your mobile to PC using USB and enable USB debugging on your device. You can follow the path Settings -> Developer Options -> Check USB Debugging. If you could not follow please check how to enable USB debugging on your mobile. 

USB debugging

  • vRoot software will automatically detects your mobile after your USB debugging mode is enabled. 
  • Please make sure once, if the above mentioned requirements are met for safe rooting. Now click on “Root Device”. You can monitor your Android mobile, it might reboot couple of times to change the root access. You can also check the progress bar upon vRoot software on your PC. 

Download vRoot app for Android & PC


How to Check, if Mobile rooting is successful or not ?

If you are really not sure, if you have done the process right or wrong then check the below process on how to check if your device is rooted or not ? 

  • Download Root checker app from Play Store. 
  • Once you install on your mobile. Open Root checker app. 
  • You can click “Verify Root status”. You have to wait for few minutes. 
  • You can see a prompt that ” Congrats, your mobile has root access”, if your Mobile is rooted. If not rooted then you can see prompt as ” Your mobile have no root permissions or it is not properly rooted”. 

Check below things that can be done after installing vRoot app. 

Features of vRoot app: 

  • You can upgrade to latest Android version. 
  • You can increase Battery life/ RAM size. 
  • VRoot also has option to customize ROM to increase the performance. 
  • You can free internal storage by transferring apps to SD card. 
  • You can install new APKs which do not install without root. 
  • You can uninstall pre-installed apps too. 

How to UnRoot your Android device using vRoot:

If you want to revert back your changes and wanna unroot back to normal Android mobile then you can do even the same using vRoot app. It is always preferrable to do this method using PC. Follow the below steps to unroot your mobile using vRoot. 

  • Download vRoot application from the link provided above, If you do not have already. 
  • Once you enable USB debugging and connect to your PC. Open vRoot app and it automatically detects your Android device. 
  • Now click on “UnRoot Device” to start unroot process. As vRoot comes with super user access so that it can un root your device to normal mode. 

Download vRoot app for Android & PC

  • Once it is done successfully check if your Android device is successfully unrooted or not. 

Note: Even if you un root your mobile, it is not 100% sure that it will be considered for any future Android updates or for warranty of mobile. 

Best alternatives of vRoot app:

Kingo Root:

Download vRoot app for Android & PC

 KingoRoot is one of the best alternative for vRoot app. It available in all versions such as Superuser mode, super battery saver, Purecleaner, Onion browser. It also available for both PC and Android version. You can easily perform many tasks such as remove pre-installed apps, increase battery life, clean junk/virus files and many more. 

You can download Kingo Root for both PC and Android here. 

Towel Root:

Download vRoot app for Android & PC

TowelRoot is one of the popular application for rooting android mobiles. It is available only in Android version and is not available officially in Play Store. You can perform many operations such as boost battery life, performance, enhance internal memory, free pre-installed apps and many more. 

King Root:

Download vRoot app for Android & PC

KingRoot is also the best alternative for vRoot app. King Root also comes with many built in tools such as customizing ROM, phone backup, removing pre-installed scrap, enhancing performance and battery life, blocking ads for any website. You can root your Android device with just one click and the process automatically processes the entire root of your Android device.  

Check here how to download King Root. 

FAQs Regarding vRoot app:

Is it necessary to have technical skills regarding root process? 

No, it is not necessary to have technical knowledge regarding root process. VRoot process is completely automated process and you just have to follow simple on screen instructions to complete the root process. 

IvRoot is free to download? 

You can download vRoot application freely and is available for both Windows PC and Android. You can follow the above process to download and install the app. 

Do I have to check if it supports my device? 

It is tested on almost 10k+ devices. It supports almost all the device and you should not face any issues while doing the root process. 

Is it possible to check if my device is rooted successful or not? 

Yes, it is possible to check whether Android device is rooted or not. You can install Root checker to check it. Check verify root status section for more details. 

Can we unroot my device again? 

Yes, it is possible to un root back to normal mode. You can check Unroot section for step by step process of how to un root back. 


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